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Terms and Conditions

Repairs & Quotes
- All jobs left at customer’s risk.

- All repairs carry a full 3-month warranty.

- Jobs left at Game Fix for more then six months will be recycled or sold.

- Customers must ring Game Fix to follow up a quote.

- PSone Quotes are free, allow up to 2 working days.

- PSone Chips allow 1 to 2 working days.

- PS2 Repairs, Chips & Quotes, allow between 2 and 5 working days.

- XBOX Repairs Chips & Quotes, allow up between 1 and 5 working days.

Please retain your receipt for all warranty repair claims. No Receipt, No Warranty Claim!

All workmanship on UPGRADES carry a 3-month guarantee.

We do not guarantee the PSone, PS2 or XBOX LASER when a when an UPGRADE is fitted. Only the Mod Chip itself is covered by warranty. Any software UPGRADE to XBOX after 3 Months will be charged @ $50. The Mod Chip or UPGRADE will void the manufacturers warranty. All consoles are tested prior to UPGRADING; faulty consoles will not be UPGRADED.
The purpose of UPGRADES are to play original or imported games or software and authorised back-up copies of games and software you own. Game Fix does not endorse Piracy of Software and Games.

Technical Problems with PSone, PS2 & XBOX Upgrades
For best performance with your UPGRADE a compatible TV is essential.
The UPGRADE allows the use of imported or NTSC games.
Most Australian TV’s can except NTSC video signals, but a few models (especially older TV’s) don’t support NTSC. If this is the case your imported or NTSC game might turn out black and white or flicker. If this occurs it is not the fault of the UPGRADE. If your TV is incompatible try another TV to view your imported or NTSC game.

Games not Loading?
PSone, PS2 & XBOX Lasers can cause loading problems if back up copies are not done correctly, if poor quality media is used or if discs are scratched or dirty. If games are not faulty then the Laser may require alignment or service. Lasers require alignment and service when consoles are misused, overused or placed in dusty or smoky environments. Consoles returned after an UPGRADE for Laser alignment or service will be charged from accordingly. In some cases if the Laser can not be aligned or serviced a replacement laser will be required.

Refunds & Exchanges
We do not offer refund or exchange goods, so please choose you purchase carefully. Game Fix will only exchange if the item is faulty or not compatible within 7 days, for another item of equal value, providing you have your receipt and goods are in saleable condition with packaging undamaged.

Warranty on New Consoles & some Accessories
All warranty claims on new consoles must be done via the manufacturer. Game Fix only handles out of warranty repairs. Please retain your receipt and ring the relevant Phone Number supplied with the Console (PSone, PS2, XBox, Game Cube, Game Boy Advance).

Warranty on Controllers, Steering Wheels, Remote Controls, Dance Mats, Light Guns etc...
A one month warranty applies to the above products.

Warranty on Games
A 48-hour exchange only warranty applies if a game proves to be faulty.